Currently a sophomore at Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA. I enjoy learning how things work as well as building web, mobile, and hardware applications.







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Kenko Take a picture of some food, and get its nutrition facts. Top 10 + Best Cloud-based App with Kevin Frans at PennApps XII.
Ringo Open source project allowing one to harness the power of Xcode from the comfort of their favorite browser.
英語 (Eigo) Simple Chrome extension which takes in a public Google document, and then emails you a report with suggestions on how to improve the writing piece.
WWDCScholars Shortly after receiving the Apple WWDC 2015 Scholarship, I and a few other scholarship recipients decided to build WWDCScholars, a portfolio of all of the awesome apps that were submitted and won the scholarship. I was one of the two primary web developers for this project.
WWDC 2015 My (winning) application for the Apple WWDC 2015 Student Scholarship. Demo available here.
PartySync: Reborn Turntable.fm, but for videos. I am the primary full-stack web developer for this project. This project originally started from our hack at YC Hacks, but now has grown into something a lot bigger.
HackBike Speed hack built at GunnHacks 2015 that allowed a bike to communicate with a Unity-based interface. Received an honorable mention from the hackathon judges for creativity.
Omnus Simple SMS-based app that allows you to complete tasks such as stream music, check the weather, translate text, navigate, and more, all without the need for a data connection. Top 10 at MHacks V with Tejas Manohar. 200+ stars on Github.
Upbeat Quick music hack that finds the tempo of the current song on Spotify, and then executes a task at the tempo. In my case, I wanted to flash Phillips Hue bulbs to the beat of my Spotify playlists.
Tap With Friends A speed hack created out of my experiments with realtime connections in Node.js.
mmsQR Simple demo that allows users to scan and generate QR codes via MMS/SMS. Built using some Node.js + Twilio magic.
Pinpoint Pinpoint: Single Tap Location Sharing is an iOS application that allows you to easily share your location with anybody (even with those who don't have a phone).
Emergency Alert iOS application with a simple interface that notifies loved ones of your location during an emergency via SMS. Coming soon to an iPhone near you.
PartySync PartySync is an app that allows partygoers to create crowdsourced video playlists that update in realtime. Built at the 2014 Y-Combinator Hackathon in collaboration with Kevin Frans and Shalin Shah.
Hiruko Built an app for my local taekwondo school, Hiruko. App allows users to view class schedules, see announcement updates in realtime, as well as view the calendar and order sparring gear.
Minasan Messenger Whatsapp-like iOS messenger that allows conversations between iOS and SMS clients. Built with Twilio and Firebase. Built in collaboration with Kevin Frans.
Momentum A simple anonymous social network allowing users to post one awesome moment they lived each day.
India News A newly designed version of the popular Indian news site. Built in collaboration with Ketan Kothari.
Octo A simple game involving colored octagons and lightning fast reactions. Written in Swift. Available on the App Store
Paychecks Send money with SMS. Built during High School Hacks 2014 in collaboration with Rahul Kothari and Kevin Frans. Won the Venmo API Prize and received a couple of shoutouts on Medium and on Hackers Under 20, despite it being our first hackathon.
Flexiwatch A gesture-based mobile stopwatch. Built in an attempt to make tracking your running times more intuitive. Cross-platform; Built with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and will run on any device which has a browser.
Blend: Fruity Insanity! A fast paced matching game involving fruits of different colors getting matched into the correct sectors. Optimized for iPhones, iPods, iPads. Works on most Android devices as well. Made in collaboration with MakeGamesWithUs (now MakeSchool).
jQRy A simple JavaScript-based micro-library that generates 2D QR codes, 1D barcodes, and data matrices. Built in an attempt to simplify generating scannable codes in JavaScript.
Bison Run Simple dodge-the-falling-objects game written with Objective C and Kobold2D (cocos2d). Built as a part of the 2012 MakeGamesWithUs Summer Internship program.
MITTAL.NET Simple personal family website taking advantage of extensive jQuery animation libraries.
MathNinja A simple cross-platform game allowing children to practice their basic arithmetic skills. Has been used in school districts across the United States. Also available on the App Store and Chrome Web Store.
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